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Thumbnail of White Privilege: Let's Talk, A Resource for Transformational Dialogue
Traci Blackmon, John Dorhauer, Davita D. McCallister, John Paddock, Stephen G. Ray, Jr. | Case Studies, Discussion Guide, Reflections Dec 12th, 2016

White Privilege: Let's Talk, A Resource for Transformational Dialogue

A curriculum developed as part of an ongoing conversation that is a concerted effort to enable allies to see with new eyes how privilege works. It aims to illuminate how white people in America, at every economic stratum and in a myriad of ways, receive privileged consideration simply because they are white. It offers the promise and the possibility that those who commit to engaging in this dialogue can develop higher degrees of awareness of privilege and its consequences. It is presented in the hope that such awareness, both in the individuals who participate in the curriculum and in the larger communities of which they are a part, will lead to more sophisticated and more impactful commitments to reducing the ongoing impact of white privilege as a means of distributing wealth and power.

Thumbnail of Stewardship Guide for Families
Bob Stillerman | Devotional, Discussion Guide, Presentation, Reflections Jan 18th, 2015

Stewardship Guide for Families

In 2014, Millbrook did a Wednesday program about church stewardship. We also used this document as a take-home for families to do their own discernment.

Thumbnail of 2013 Lenten Guide
Carolyn McClendon and Bob Stillerman | Devotional, Liturgies, Prayers May 19th, 2014

2013 Lenten Guide

This is a Lenten guide used by Millbrook Baptist Church in 2013. Our goal was to make Lent a season of "taking on" rather than one of "giving up." We used this guide in conjunction with a three-month Wednesday Night Series that focused on three issues of justice: poverty, immigration, and incarceration.

Thumbnail of Pastoral Prayers of the Seasons
Kenneth J Meyers | Liturgies, Prayers May 2nd, 2014

Pastoral Prayers of the Seasons

These prayers are a sampling of pastoral prayers of the Christian seasons. The aim of each prayer is to respect the season but also to offer praise and petition and acknowledgement of the world around us. Sometimes scripture texts were used as a part of the prayer proper.