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Thumbnail of Environmental Justice with Indigenous Peoples
Creation Justice Ministries | Article, Bible Study, Case Studies, Discussion Guide, Hymns, Liturgies, Music, Prayers, Reflections, Video, Website Apr 19th, 2017

Environmental Justice with Indigenous Peoples

Each year, Creation Justice Ministries offers a resource to help Christian communities pray, learn, and act on a certain issue, chosen by Creation Justice Ministries' board. Our 2017 resource explores the impact the Doctrine of Discovery has had on U.S. history and theology, as well as our relationships with God's creation and one another. It also includes information about tribal sovereignty, sacred places, and consumer choices. The resource can be useful for observing Earth Day Sunday on the Sunday closest to Earth Day (April 22), the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on September 1, or the Sunday closest to Indigenous Peoples Day/Columbus Day in October. Find sermon preparation resources, hymn suggestions, Christian education ideas, action opportunities, and more. Download it today at, and remember you can find a host of other Christian education resources released in previous years at

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Micah Challenge Usa | Bible Study, Devotional, Discussion Guide, Prayers, Reflections Aug 10th, 2016

For All Creation: Guided Prayer on Climate Change

This prayer guide leads each of us through thanksgiving, repentance, and petition as we seek to end extreme poverty and reduce the effects of changing climate. Join thousands of Christians around the world as we meditate on the scriptures and prayers in this guide.

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various | Devotional, Liturgies, Prayers, Reflections Jun 16th, 2016

Congregational Resources after the Orlando Shootings

The items at this link are offerings for churches and others to use as aids in worship and however anyone might need. Please use and share.

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NHM Ministrants - | Audio Recording, Prayers Apr 8th, 2016

FREE Lord's Prayer Tapestry of Languages Podcast Series

The Lord's Prayer in a Tapestry of Languages, a *FREE* BEYOND FILM AND MUSIC podcast from Elfenworks Productions, LLC, features language offerings from around the world, from Afrikaans to Zeme. You may hear the Lord's Prayer in song, or a different variation on English than the one you know and love. Or you may be surprised by one of our out-of-this world offerings, such as the Lord's Prayer in Klingon, included just for the sheer joy of it. The very first episode is "The Lord’s Prayer in Irish." This podcast series is available for *FREE* subscription and immediate download. We invite one and all to listen, subscribe, and leave feedback. The Lord’s Prayer was taught by Jesus to His disciples, in response to their request, “Lord, teach us to pray.” So, won't you join us and spread the word? Thanks... and blessings to you! Brought to you by - NHM Ministrants - a division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC. In a world needful of healing, hope & harmony, where underdogs lack champions, and