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Alliance of Baptists Apr 28th, 2014

A Statement on the Gulf Oil Spill

This statement was affirmed by the Alliance of Baptists at their annual convocation on 4/30/2011. Joined with the National Council of Churches of Christ, USA, the statement calls on government officials and the corporations at fault to provide timely response and support to all of God's creation affected by this disaster.

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NFWM | Essays, Prayers, White Paper Feb 24th, 2014

National Farm Worker Ministry

The web site of our partner, National Farm Worker Ministry, has many good resources to learn about farmworker justice and current campaigns for justice for farmworkers. There is an abundance of good information on farmworkers. There is also an abundance of worship resources for congregations called to do justice for farmworkers.

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Fighting Poverty with Faith 2014

This is the Fighting Poverty With Faith 2014 statement. The Alliance of Baptists has signed on to this statement again (we also signed an earlier statement by this group in 2011). Please watch for events around this statement in the spring of 2014.

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NCFI | Essays, Prayers, White Paper Feb 10th, 2014

North Carolina Farmworkers' Institute

This site has amazing factsheets on farmworkers. Also many faith-based resources. A good site for congregations who want to learn more about justice for the people who pick and prepare our food. NC Farmworkers' Institute is a partner of our partner - National Farm Worker Ministry. NFWM got its start from National Council of Churches. Ecumenism for justice !