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Thumbnail of For All Creation: Guided Prayer on Climate Change
Micah Challenge Usa | Bible Study, Devotional, Discussion Guide, Prayers, Reflections Aug 10th, 2016

For All Creation: Guided Prayer on Climate Change

This prayer guide leads each of us through thanksgiving, repentance, and petition as we seek to end extreme poverty and reduce the effects of changing climate. Join thousands of Christians around the world as we meditate on the scriptures and prayers in this guide.

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| Bible Study, White Paper Jun 22nd, 2016

Religious Liberty Bulletin Insert

This 2-sided bulletin insert gives the Biblical basis for church-state separation and answers some key questions about religious liberty and the Baptist Joint Committee. The insert can also be used as a handout when talking about religious liberty. Print the document as a 2-sided document. Each page can be cut in half, producing 2 bulletin inserts.

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Creation Justice Ministries | Bible Study, Discussion Guide, Hymns, Liturgies, Prayers, Reflections, Sermons (69), Video, Website Apr 1st, 2016

Care for God's Creatures: A Christian Education Resource

The "Care for God's Creatures" resource was written by an ecumenical team that included Rev. Sarah Macias. It covers topics such as learning from animals, spiritually growing by connecting with animals, stewardship of creation, and protecting endangered species. It is designed to be useful year-round, but was released for the celebration of Earth Day Sunday, which can be observed the Sunday before or after Earth Day (April 22). Additional opportune moments to use this resource include September 1, recognized by Orthodox and Catholic communions as the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation, or in October, during the Season of Creation and close to the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.

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G.J. Tarazi | Article, Bible Study, Discussion Guide Mar 30th, 2016

Resources - Palestine & Israel: Doing Justice

An outline of resources for folks who are learning about the issues in Palestine and Israel as they go through the discernment process.