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Thumbnail of Story of God's Grace and Humanity in New York on 9/11/2001
Metro Baptist Church Ken Braun | Interviews, Podcasts, Sermons (69) Jun 1st, 2017

Story of God's Grace and Humanity in New York on 9/11/2001

At a memorial service at Metro Baptist Church (NYC) on 9/11/2011, a member of the Metro Community told this story about a friend and colleague, who worked one block from the WTC, who helped a pregnant woman to safety in New Jersey. It is a moving story of humanity, community, and God's grace in an impossible situation.

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Ken Sehested | Article, Essays, Poetry, Prayers, Reflections Sep 29th, 2016

Prayer & Politiks September 2016

A new issue of Signs of the Times” on the topic of fear with a personal response to the presidential debate, in the form of a prose poem, titled “Days of hysteria, promise of hilaria.”

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Ken Sehested | Devotional, Poetry, Prayers, Statements, Website Dec 10th, 2015

Signs of the Times

A new edition of "Signs of the Times" has been posted, with a survey of the history of Christmas cultural wars & new Advent worship materials

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Ken Sehested | Website Nov 30th, 2014

Prayer & Politiks

Prayer & politiks is an online journal “at the intersection of spiritual formation and prophetic action.” It includes the first issue of Signs of the Times, a weekly column featuring annotated news, views, quotes and notes, for discerning the times in which we live.